Fuel pressure regulator

I have a 1997 Pontiac Sunfire SE 2.4L with ~$103k miles.

Every morning after just starting the car, if I turn the AC or heater on (any temp setting), I smell gasoline. I think it’s gasoline and not exhaust, but could be wrong.

After the car full warms up (~15 minutes), the smell goes away. I don’t smell it any time the rest of the day. Come next morning, the smell is back.

I mentioned this to a mechanic and he thinks it could be the fuel pressure regulator leaking gas.

What do you think? How can I test the regulator? Can I do this myself (I have moderate mechanic skills)?


Well it could be the regulator, then do that from time to time, but even without my hay fever I could not smell it from here. You need to have someone actually look at it.

Locate the fuel pressure regulator and remove the vacuum hose. If you find gasoline leaking from this connection, the diaphram in the regulator is leaking and the regulator requires replacement.


If there is an external fuel leak, the leak could be anywhere from the gas tank to the engine. Before you start the engine, have several noses nose around the car and see (smell) the area where the fuel smell is the best. Open the hood and sniff around the engine compartment.
Start the engine, and sniff, again. Check, especially, at the tail pipe.
RSVP (let us know the results).