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Gas in oil

2001 Nissian Frontier S/C with 138000 and changed the oil and smelled heavly of gas. I am not a mechanic and NEED HELP!

There are a couple of things that could cause this but the most likely is a leaking fuel pressure regulator. It’s not a major repair.
Here’s what it looks like.

Unplug the vacuum hose that is connected to it and see if there is gas inside the hose. If there is, the regulator is bad. Hope that helps.

One other possibility - how was the Frontier driven since the last oil change? Lots of short trips in cold weather? That can load up the oil with blow-by gas, because the oil doesn’t get hot enough. Friend was able to light his oil with a match because of that kind of driving with an older car.

I have the same problem right now with mine. Check the fuel pressure regulator as previously suggested. If that’s okay, pull the hose from your PCV valve and see if there’s gas going through there (or can even pull the air intake plenum that the other end of the hose goes to and see if gas is pooling up in there.) If it is, you have a compression problem and the gas in one of the cylinders is not getting burned, so it’s running all over the place and pooling up with the oil. Are you noticing any driveablility problems? You could also do a fuel flow test on the injectors and make sure they are not stuck open. A shop can do a compression check for you or you can buy one for $40 and check it yourself - it comes with instructions.