1990 Nissan 300ZX - I smell fuel

I can smell fuel on start up iale, no visual sign of a leak
also periodiclly it starts to feel like im running out of fuel spulttering to s a stop when turned off and wait a minute or so it starts and will run okay for a klm or so and do the same thing again some times it might go for 20klm before repeating fault, ive acctually had it run for days normally then it will do it again
can you help please

The vehicle has a fuel leak if you smell gas.

Just because you can’t see the leak doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.


Could be a fuel line leaking. Would explain performance problems and smell. Gas evaporates fast, hard to find a leak. Have you gotten under it with it running? (NOT on a jack).

Fuel pressure regulator problem is my first guess. It normally wouldn’t cause an external fuel leak in the engine compartmetn, but might make the starting mixture so rich gasoline is going right through the engine unburned & coming out the tailpipe. If you have the type of FPR that has a vacuum hose connected to it, remove that hose. There should be absolutely no gasoline in the hose. If that tests out ok a fuel pressure test is what I’d do next.

This is not to say you don’t have more than one problem of course, and one of them is an external fuel leak. Suggest to carry a portable fire extinguisher until you know for sure.

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I had a 90 ZX TT and that was exactly the problem. The pressure regulator was faulty and after it was replaced everything was fine again.