Smell of gasoline while idling

Recently, I have noticed the smell of gasoline while idling my car first thing in the morning. Eventually, the odor goes away, and does not appear at future times when my car is idling. I’ve taken a look under my car and don’t see any gasoline leaks or other staing on the ground.

The fuel pressure regulator may be leaking.

Pull the vacuum hose off. If fuel runs out, replace the regulator.

Is it noticable from inside the car, or only from the outside?

I ask because a car in “open loop” mode (as in while warming up) is designed to run rich. Rich running results in unburned gasoline out the exhaust, giving its distinctive aroma. The “first thing in the morning” suggests an open loop explanation. (The “while idling” suggests this, too: while you’re moving, you obviously won’t be able to smell the exhaust.)

I’m uncertain why it just now became noticable, though…have you owned it long enough to have driven it through a winter? (Wondering about the effect of ambeint temps.)