2007 VW Jetta Starting issue

Hello there! I am having a curious thing on my Jetta - I suspect I know the issue but wanted to turn to the forum’s knowledge. Every so often, it has a hard time starting. I turn the key and it takes a little longer to start up. This is rectified by hitting the gas pedal. I also notice that on an incline, it has a hard time starting. This has led me to suspect the fuel pump. Could I be correct?

BTW, it has 89,000 miles on it and is the 2.5L.

Sounds like it could be a fuel pump or a leaky injector.

Sure sounds like a fuel problem

I would hook up a fuel pressure gauge. When you have a hard time starting, the gauge is your friend. It will confirm or deny that you have fuel problems

See if cycling the ignition switch On and OFF a few times leaving the switch ON for a couple of seconds each time you do it. Then try to start the engine. If that helps then fuel is leaking back to the fuel tank while the car is parked. The fuel check valve is most likely within the pump.