VW Jetta Fuel pump

My 97 jetta gls (2 liter, manual, 80k miles) has started blowing fuel pump fuses. The pump will run briefly, then pop!

Is it time for a new pump?

More than likely, yes. Sounds like the bearings are shot, causing more drag on the motor, which requires more current - then pop!

Well, I replaced the pump today. The car ran for 10 minutes, then started blowing fuses again. Sigh.

Another opinion would be that the fuel filter may be clogged up. If it is, the pump would draw more current pumping against the extra pressure causing the fuse to blow more frequently. If it hasn’t been changed yet, it’s certainly due.

New filter installed-no difference. For fun I disconnected the fuel pump wires. The fuse still blows. I am measuring 19 ohms across the wires, with or without the fuse in place. Sounds like I’ve got a near-short somewhere.

Anyone have suggestions as to where to look?

A circuit diagram would be of great help here. Definitely sounds like a short. I tried to look it up on autozone but the diagram is virtually unreadable. But you’ve proved the short. I think the best course of action is to find the the wire from the fuse box, cut it and connect a new one. Route that to the fuel pump as best you can and hook it up. Easy to say, but definitely need a diagram to see if there is anything else in between that can be causing the problem. Good luck.

I have made some electrical measurements (I have a circuit diagram), and posted them under a new discussion, “VW wiring problem.”

Ok. I sent this discussion over to “VW Wiring Problem” for a while. I now think I have a workaround for the short circuits. However, when I hook the new pump directly up to 12 volts, I can hear it run, but nothing comes out the output pipe. Any suggestions for a next test? At the moment, I can’t get the new pump out-the twist/lock connection on the base doesn’t want to release. Dare I run the pump with the “cap” off so I can see inside while it is going?