Fuel line repairs

I broke the clip at the filter on my Ranger. I found the nylon pigtail to replace the connector with and removed the old nylon line from the stainless steel tubing. It says to heat the nylon line with hot water to allow it to be pushed over the stainless fitting. How hot do I need to get it? Do I bring the water to a boil and leave the nylon line for a few minutes? I have tubing pliers to push the line with but will do the repair with the steel line attached to the car’s frame. Anyone have ideas? thanks

Tap water hot. Soak it in a bucket. It’s nylon, not titanium. A minute or two.

Will it be easier if I let it get hotter? or does it stretch?

The reason I ask, is I am working with only one good hand. I thought I could grab the nylon with a pair of tubing pliers and push it on to the stainless fitting if I anchor it with vice grips. Does this sound feasible? Or am I making a big deal over very little? lol