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Fuel line repairs

I screwed up and broke the clip at the filter on my 2002 Ranger. I cut the line with the broken clip off the stainless and took it to NAPA for the repair kit. Now the kit is designed to repair nylon to nylon and even with heating, I haven’t been able to get the line over the stainless fitting.

What’s the easiest fix now? I realize every time I touch it I’ve made my situation worse. The wife is gonna kill me because it’s our only car. HELP !!! Thanks guys.

In order to fix the fuel line, you need to locate somebody who has this fuel line repair kit.


Thanks. I guess my best option is to cut the steel and use a barbed compression fitting. I have used these on my air compressor but was reluctant to do that on the car. I mean, this is a one in a lifetime repair for me. I never make the same mistake twice and will never break another clip. Thanks again.