Fuel injectors?



We own a 1992 Chevy Blazer (Tahoe). Car started driving rough so we took it in for service. Actually stopped on my wife while she was on her way to work. She got it started again and was able to get it over to the repair shop after her shift at work. They were unable to start it the next day and had to push it into the bay to check it out. They ended up changing the fuel pump and related items. When we got the car back they warned us that it was still running a little rough and would need to go to GM for injector work. When we got it back it acted EXACTLY the same as it had before we took it in to have the fuel pump changed. When the car gets warm it stops. The repair shop is adamant that the fuel pump needed to be changed since they were unable to start it the day we dropped it off.

Is it possible that this was an injector problem all along and that the fuel pump didn’t really need to be changed. We haven’t had the injector work done yet because the fuel pump cost about $750 and the GM dealer wants at least that much to fix the injector problem. Is it possible that both of these problems cropped up simultaneously? Could the injector problem have caused the fuel pump to go bad?


Possible to all of it. Needed to check the fuel pressure before it was taken in or maybe ask them what it was. Injectors replaced the carb. and if they are sticking it would be like turning the gas on and off. I would try BG K444 injector cleaner (cost $30 for 12 oz can any good parts store not checkers or autozone) before I pay $750 to a dealer if you have never used an injector cleaner before.