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Chevy Fuel Pumps

I replaced the fuel pump in my 2001 chevy blazer last year and it just quit again two days ago. Internet research leads me to believe it is a common problem in chevy turcks. Blazer stops running, sits for a few hours to a day and then starts up again. Is it going to happen again and is it really the fuel pump.

When you replaced the fuel pump last year did whatever issue you had before completely go away? Did you replace the fuel filter when you replaced the fuel pump? Have you ever put an actual fuel pressure gauge on it? Do you ever get the smell of gas when it stalls & won’t restart (as if it is flooded?)

Did you put in an OEM pump, or a cheaper aftermarket brand? Can you hear the pump running when the truck won’t start?

I have never had a fuel pump fail in any of my Chevy trucks and I have owned many over the years. When a fuel pump fails it’s usually permanent. The fact that your pump is working on an intermittent basis leads me to believe you either have a wiring or ignition switch problem. Internet research is helpful but don’t rely on it. Too many false inputs from disgruntled DIYers make the info a crap shoot at best. It’s time to break out the multimeter and find the “real” problem.

Maybe the fuel pump was not the problem last year and the problem you have now is the same as last year; only worse.

The fuel pump is tied in with the ECM which is tied in with the ignition, yada, yada, yada.
The fact the pump is not working (assuming the pump is even the problem at the moment) does not mean the pump is bad.

By your statement you’re inferring that because your truck has a Chevy badge on the back this means that what I assume is the aftermarket fuel pump you previously installed will fail much sooner. Not.

There’s a lot of complaints on the net on just about everything and many times the blame is not being properly placed.
This is where code pulling, fuel pressure tests, and proper diagnostics come in.