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Fuel Injector cleaner inquiry

Have a 2003 Ford Ranger 2WD, 5 speed, engine is 3.0L V6. 92k is the mileage. What is the best fuel injector cleaner to use. Starts fine but is a little sluggish in first gear, but once I get going but then the truck is fine. Thanks

Here’s my favorite:

Picture 1

Do you plan to remove the injectors to clean them? Will you test them before reinstalling them?
At that age, replacing them might be better. Over the years injectors erode just like the Grand Canyon. While 14 years isn’t terribly old, since you’re going to address them somehow anyway, why not just change them?

If you decide to clean them anyway, all fuel injector cleaners are petroleum-based solvents anyway. More important than which one you use is taking the time to flush them thoroughly.

Techron as posted above seems to get good reports here. I’ve never used it, but I used one called Clean Power one time for my Corolla and it did a good job at solving a stubborn jerking in slow speed driving problem I was having.