About fuel injector cleaner

will gum out clean the injectors in the car and the valves. and get better gas mileage and help the clogged injector

Probably not. If an injector is legitimately clogged no cleaner will open it up. A clog means the fine mesh screen in the injector is stopped up with solid particulants and cleaner will not cure that problem.
The cleaner MAY help clean up an injector that is gummed up a bit or something like that but don’t expect a miracle.

Gum Out could clean the injectors a little bit. What year is the monte carlo, how many miles, any symptoms? If you do not have any symptoms no need to use an additive. I like SeaFoam, most folks suggest using it once a year. Now days gas has detergents and additives to clean the fuel system. I doubt you would get better gas mileage with Gum out or any other additive

it has a rough idle and when u drive it faster it stops

it idles rough when u drive it faster it sounds and runs better

its a 2002

Gumout (or Techron, or one of the others) might make a little difference, and there’s no risk, but I would not expect any major improvement. It sounds like you have problems no bottle of cleaner will solve.

You can check an injector for being clogged with what is called a balance test. You compare the pressure drop against the other injectors. If you really know what to look for(I guess more correctly ,listen for) some people claim they can diagnois a clogged injector by listening to it with a mechanics stethascope.

A really good book for you would be, Automotive Technology,A Systems Approach by Jack Erjavec. The book was a little expensive but it helped create the legend that I am.

Chevron Techron and BG 44K actually work. Most of the other pretenders are just a waste of money…

ok thinks for the advice

“it idles rough when u drive it faster it sounds and runs better”

I would first do a compression test, then pressure test the cooling system.

I would expect partly clogged injectors to continue the symptoms as you drive faster.

i know its a fuel injector problem because the scan tool says it is so will fuel injector cleaner fix a clogged fuel injector

You really do have to make just one thread and keep everything in there.

Gumout is not going to solve an electrical problem with an injector - which is what the code you have indicates. You need to check the wiring & harness for the injector for damage. You should also check the injector’s resistance.

A Naptha cleaner in the tank will only clean a little at a time. ( to allow the vehicle to run at the sme time )
The less fuel in the tank the stronger the cleaner ratio will be.

But for the best ‘right now’ cleaning have a shop hook up their cleaning attachment to give it that blast directly through the injectors.
Ford part # CM-1001 ( methylisobutyl carbinol ) works great here in our shop. Vehicles come in coughing and sputtering and leave purring like a kitten.

“can you tell me how i can remove the fuel injector and reinstall it please”?

The idea that a scan tool can tell you an injector is clogged is a very novel idea to me.Just what type of scan tool are you using and what section of the tools programing are you in to get this diagnosis?

from auto zone

The code is P0206 (from this character’s other thread) which is an injector circuit fault. So there is nothing that says anything about an injector being clogged. The OP is confused & groping around in the dark.

it says number 2 injector clogged

Go buy a $20 repair manual from an auto parts store.

Why do you want to remove the injector? Did you test it and know that it is bad? Check out its wiring & slap an ohm meter on it. The resistance specs will be in the repair manual.