which fuel injector cleaner is the best?

like to know your answer to this question

Best for what?

Tell us about your car/truck and what symptoms you have, you may a problem that cannot be fixed with a cleaner. But if you want a cleaner , consider using Seafoam. There are also several others that may be cheaper and are very good.

which fuel injector cleaner is the best?

For the person selling them:

  • They are all the best. The sellers love the profit they make from your money.

For you:

  • If your car isn’t having a problem, there is little to no reason to use any cleaners.
  • If your car is having a problem, a cleaner “might” be helpful, but it depends on the problem, vehicle, and related items that may be causing the problem.

For maintenance and slight issues, seafoam and techron seem to be the favorites. For severe problems I have heard good things about the 3m kit that includes adapters gauge hose etc.

From my experience, the best cleaner for problems was at the dealer where they can run it directly through the injectors undiluted.

Some of the other expert mechanics here have posted the same thing that @Bing says above, the best injector cleaning treatment is done at a shop, by running the cleaner directly into the fuel rail. And shops may have access to better more aggressive cleaners too.

I’m a Corolla owning driveway diy’er, and the only time I’ve used an injector cleaner, it was a product called “Clean Power”, or maybe it was “Power Clean”, something like that. I just poured it into the tank, following the directions. I think it is the same stuff that Costco puts in its gasoline. It did the job ok.

I’ve used various injector cleaners in the past to try to clear up some engine problem, and none of them ever worked. The reason none of them ever worked is that a dirty injector was not the problem in the first place. Eventually I would find the time to do a complete diagnosis and repair the actual problem.

Seafoam is my witches brew of choice, but I would not recommend using it or any other cleaner unless your car is exhibiting symptoms that indicate it should be used.

Techron and STP cleaner are good for injector problems. Techron is the best for GM fuel gauge sender problems. Seafoam is great to clean out gunk inside the combustion chambers and as a carburetor cleaner but it won’t fix the fuel sender problem and I’m not sure how well it works on fuel injectors. These are the only 3 I’ve used to any degree.