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Fuel injection swap for a 61 ranchero

i have a 61 ranchero w/ 140 c.i. straight 6 w/ standard trans and a complete 93 ranger 3.0 liter w/ standard trans. as well. can i swap the late model fuel injection to my 61 fairly easy? i am also a welder :slight_smile: PLEASE HELP !!!

Not trying to sound “smart” but if you have to ask if this should/could be done the project is not for you.

To answer your question “fairly easy” no.

Fairly easy? No.

If you REALLY want to, and money is no object? Yes.

Even if you pull this off, that 3.0 V6 is going to look puny under the hood of a '61 Ranchero.

But not as puny as a 140 cid.

I got the impression he only wanted to swap the F.I. you know put F.I. on his 140.

You are talking about swapping the entire engine, right, not just the fuel injection (do not spend a dime on the 140, it is one of the least powerful engines out there, swap it for something bigger)? Engine swap can be done, definitely not easy, you’ll need someone that can design and fabricate the engine mounts and transmission mounts. Check around car clubs, see who has done engine swaps, you’ll need lots of advice and help.

I want to swap engines

As I said; “Easy?” No.

Possible? Yes, but it will cost you.

How deep are your pockets?

A 200 cu in Ford six will bolt in and not destroy the value of the Ranch…If you are going to hot-rod it, put a 302 V8 in it…The 3.0 in the Ranger is nothing special…Loves labor lost…

Amen to the Caddyman.

I agree with others about forgetting a 3.0 swap. What’s the point of all of this work just to gain 40 cubic inches.

That being said, a local guy here has a Falcon Ranchero with an F.I. 5.0 swap and this car is a real peach to look at besides being a trucklet that will flat move.

Swapping the 3.0 in is a very doable deal if you have the ECM, complete wire harness, etc. but you’re going to have to do a number of things.
Modify the exhaust with bungs for 02 sensors, rig a return fuel line to the tank, along with modifying a number of vacuum lines, cables, etc. are a few of them.

The F.I. system on this era of Fords is really pretty simple but performing this swap is something that could not be related step by step here.