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Repowering ford ranger 1996


I have a 96 ford Ranger. Its a good truck, but it lacks power. It’s a 4 cylinder. I have been toying with the idea of getting a long block V6 put in.

My first question: is this possible?

Second: what else would I have to replace in the process? I have been told that I would have to replace the transmission if I did this.

Third: Is this wise at all? The car has about 200K almost on it, and so I was thinking this might actually extend the life of the truck also.



It’s possible but you’ll have to change a lot of other stuff too; exhaust, wiring harness, computer, along with modifying a number of vacuum hoses, throttle cable, etc., etc.
Anything is doable but it will require some effort and the most economical option would be if you had a donor truck of the same year to pirate parts from.

While you can do it, it’s probably not really cost effective. But if you’re going to do it, go whole hog and swap in a V8, the 302 swap is pretty common in Rangers and is no more difficult or costly than swapping in a 4.0L V6. There’s a ton of info out on the internet about how to do it.