Fuel Filter Removal Tool

I am attempting to change the fuel filter on my '95 Cougar, and have found that the clip after the filter requires a special tool for removal. Searching online I’ve found a few things come up for ‘fuel line removal’ such as this http://www…mber=96834 is this what I need? I can’t see how I would use it on the clip. I’ll try to attach a photo in a reply to this message shortly.

Here is a picture of the clip in question.

No specific problems with the fuel filter, but it has had about 50,000 miles of fuel run through it, which is the recommended change interval.

yes the tools you posted will work,you just have to remove the retainer,the rusty clip on the top of the picture,thats a back up.

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looks like you can just use a screwdriver to pry out the left side of this clip. Do you have any clues from looking at the new part?

Yup! That’s the tool you need.

You see how the clip is fastened to the fuel line? Pop that off the fuel line and then push the clip towards the fuel filter to remove it from the connector. Now take the tool and insert into the line fitting and push towards the line while at the same time pulling on the fuel filter.


Thanks mmsamma, after posting I looked at the picture and realized I could probably rotate the clip up and off…which I did. Now what do I need to do with that tool? Perhaps it will be self-evident once I have the tool in hand. It seems that the filter is just pressed into the line under that clip with friction, but there must be something more to it.

There is a spring that locks it in. Push the tool in, and it will release it.

Thanks for everyone’s replies. This forum is a great asset for these kinds of questions, unfortunately my knowledge isn’t adequate enough to answer questions, but it sure is nice to be able to find answers to my questions.