Fuel lines for 2002 Ford Ranger

Hey there. I recently changed the fuel pump in a 2002 Ford Ranger 4cyl. The Auto-Zone guy told me that there was no need to be careful taking off the quick disconnects to the fuel pump. Needless to say I had to break out the red and green clips that held the lines in place. Now the replacement clips that are opaque white don’t fit into the existing quick connects. I’ve looked high and low, but can only find straight replacement lines with barbed couplers. The ones I need replaced are 90’s. Can I use the straight connectors or is there a secret place to find new disconnects?? Any information will be greatly appreciated… Thank you!

No, you didn’t HAVE to break the clips.
They don’t come out, they stay in. You push them IN to release them.
But now that have broken them , the replacements look slightly different and are pink.
got to your Ford dealer.
7L3Z-9S417-A , 5/16
7L3Z-9S417-B , 3/8

You’re right Ken, I didn’t have to break them. I appreciate the information and I’ll be contacting my Ford dealer