Fuel filer replacement

Replace fuel filter1986 10 Blazer. 2.8L filter is behind p/s pump. Can’

Something appears to be missing from your post. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

If the filter is behind the power steering pump, you will likely have to unbolt the pump and/or bracket and move it out of the way. It may take more time and skinned knuckles to try to do the job with the pump in place, if it is even possible.


Fuel filter behind p/s pump. Took to shop 2 times and they tried using crows foot wrench to secure bolt. They could not get bolt loose. Trying to see if anyone had other ideas

Then you need a better shop with some imagination. It might even be possible to cut the lines and reroute the location of the fuel filter for easy access next time.


Can you loosen or remove the p/s pump? Just a thought.

Any thoughts as to what can be sprayed on to free nut. They were leary of spraying anything that near fuel line, contamination

As I said, they tried crows foot wrench and line started to twist. Someone on this forum offered this suggestion and explained what a crow’s foot wrench was.

The filter must be held with one crow foot wrench while the flared nut is loosened with another. Someone who twists the metal line due to failure to hold the filter, or whatever the line connects to, sounds like someone who needs to look for a different career outside of auto repair.

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If they don’t even know what tool to use why are you there. You need a new mechanic. If the p/s pump is in the way remove it. How are they going to contaminate anything if the lines are still on? They already wasted enough time on this simple procedure. What’s the name of the shop so everyone who reads this knows to stay away.


I got tried of the run around and decided to attempt repair myself.I loosened the power steering pump, tied it off to radiator frame. Went to get crow foot wrench. None of places I tried had metric 3/8 drive. Disconnected inputs at TBI. Gained access to filter and removed. Bought replacement FF4505DL which did not fit. There is a ring at top which adds width to top of filter. Will check other replacement p/n to find one without ring. This filter will work inline on frame rail, but not behind/under power steering pump

I know this is getting old, I have the filter out but can’t find a replacement. What I removed is Purolator F33173 with OD of 2”.
What I was sold was F4505DL. The OD is 2 3/16” which is too wide for bracket. Looking online and 3 parts houses, they all are 2 3/16” wide. I have tried to bend bracket, no luck. Been sitting for 1.5 wk. Not on frame rail. Located behind and under P/S pump. Any ideas?

Maybe a dealer has one that will fit

Here’s a cross reference chart and the 4505 is not shown. This chart shows 64 replacements for the F33173 so surely someone has one of those. As mentioned, check with a dealer. In many cases the dealer price is not really out of line and is even worth a few bucks extra to cut down on the aggravation.

PUROLATOR F33173 - Alternative fuel filters

There are 64 replacement fuel filters for PUROLATOR F33173 . The cross references are for general reference only, please check for correct specifications and measurements for your application.

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Rock Auto has the Purolator F33173 for $1.80.

How did you ever get anyone on phone at Roc? Finding a filter was not the problem. All of the filters I found were 2 3/16” OD. What I took off was 2 “ OD. Could not find filter with 2” OD. Bending bracket caused c

Problem was finding filter with 2” OD. No filters 2 3/16 OD. When I took bolt out that held bracket together nut end that was pressed into bracket fell out.

Any chance you could use fuel line tubing and setup remote location for the filter?

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or maybe a rubber fuel line on both ends and double clamp both sides

Got the Wix filter in, now rigid line line doesn’t fit. Looking at flex line. Also considering cutting what I have and run flex between. Would need barb on end to keep line secure. Thx for suggestion

That’s kind of what I had planned to do. Going to see if I can find a prefab section of flex and get this Blazer back on road.Thx for the suggestion