Water 4 gas?

Has anyone seen this web site that says you can help your gas burning vehicle get better mileage by combining water with your fuel?

There’s more than one site devoted to promoting this scam and drawing in the naive.

Ever thought about why thousands of automotive engineers and billions of dollars can’t figure this out but a few BS artists running a boiler room operation can?

and I’m not talking about fartin’ in the bathtub…:wink:

Forget it. While there was a system in the 60’s to help add a little power using water, it was not very good for the car back then and it will not even work on today’s cars. The only thing that you may get is car damage and certainly wasting your money.

It’s a f***load of motherf***ing bulls***, that sells well to f***headed idiots.

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I has been known for a long time that pre ignition caused by a low octane fuel can be somewhat alleviated by addition of very small amounts of water. No one has been able to utilize this to increase power or mileage. Trying to add water to fuel cannot in any way add energy to your car. Today’s care won’t benefit, in my opinion.

Aw, c’mon. Tell us what you really think. No holds barred this time…

true, because if it did, the cars that were submerged by Katrina would be selling for more than a 1 of 1 1969 Hemi Cuda convertible

I have not purchased this product, nor do I endorse it. However, just to clarify, this is NOT a product promoting putting water in your gas tank. It appears to be a gadget which removes hydrogen from water and burns that to SUPPLEMENT fuel (thus adding to your mileage). Does anyone know more about this? Does the product really work? It looks like a kit costs about $200ish. Along the same lines, the website water4gas.com also recommends using higher octane fuel to improve mileage (which does make sense) it has more ‘power’ packed into each drop. They also talk about adding Xlyene to fuel to bump up the octane rating a bit. I haven’t been able to prove that this helps. Any comments on these issues ??

See my comment above… the one with all the cursing.

And the gadget you’re talking about supposedly takes water, and turns it into a different chemical called HHO… which, as everyone who isn’t an idiot knows, is the (sort of) chemical formula for water. So the gadget is a piece of unmitigated, wallet lightening garbage.

Besides, if any of these bulls*** products worked anywhere NEAR what the scammers say they do, every major manufacturer would have been putting them into their cars already.

The power in your engine comes from the rapid expansion caused by the heat generated when the hydrogen and the carbon in the hydrocarbon molecules (gasoline) tear themselves apart (when sufficient heat energy happens via the spark) and bond to the oxygen atoms in the air. Interestingly, one of the byproducts is water vapor…the hydrogen atoms left over bond to oxygen atoms.

You need hydrocarbon molecules and free oxygen atoms to make this work. Displacing either of these with bound up hydrogen and oxygen molecules (H2O) does not help the process, but hinders it. Water is not combustable, it does not perform these chemical miracles. Your cylinder has a finite volumetric capacity, and you want it filled with gasoline and oxygen, not water. And you want that gasoline and oxygen to burn as completely as possible, which water will prevent.

In short, this is just another waste of money.

It works just as well here as on any other website. Works great in some alternate universes too. It works good unless it is installed on a car.

Lproctor is exactly right although I don’t think he should have beat around the bush about it. :slight_smile:

I repeat my first comment about engineers and truckloads of engineering dollars. They can’t figure this out but a shyster running a website and boilerroom can?

Using premium fuel when it is not needed is not going to make one whit of difference and xylene is a derative of benzene if I remember correctly; as used in some carb cleaners. That’s also not going to up the milege ante unless you have a car seriously suffering from a fuel contamination problem.

Sounds like you weren’t very happy with yours then…

Water injection has been in use for years (since the 30?s) and works quite well. The military used to use it in piston engine aircrafts for increasing power at take off, it’s been used in gas turbines, and in many other applications, including modern engines.

A very basic explanation of how it works is this:

Water is injected into the intake manifold and cools the air as it evaporates, leading to higher air density, which increases the volumetric efficiency (VE). It?s the same principle of a turbo or supercharger, but instead of boosting intake manifold pressures to increase the air density, it rapidly cools the air instead. Nitrous oxide (NOS) works on the same principle.

I can?t speak for the specific product you are referring to, but if done correctly significant performance gains are possible.

I?m not sure why all the negative feedback about it in this thread?I guess people like to condemn what they don?t understand.

The new water systems generate hydrogen and oxygen. Fine if you are at home, but it takes more energy than you get out. You also need to hve a water tank of over 20 gallons to be of any value in any system. It takes more than a peanut butter jar to improve gas mileage.

Personally, i would not trust any such device. however, in the near future there will be hydrogen cell vehicles on the market. the biggest lay up for these cars are; 1) the cost of converting the local gas stations to be able to serve the cars, 2) the economic affects it will have on the country or even the world–such as all the people who are employed in the petrolium business, some will be able to keep their jobs while many may need to find work elsewhere. 3) the rich oil tycoons stand to loose profits. but look for hydogen cell cars somehwere in the next 10years. hydrogen is taken from the water then it mixes with oxygen–which causes energy. the only emissions is steam. chicago transit system purchased 10 hydrogen cell busses, with a grant from the goverment, it was concidered an experimental project, back in the mid 90’s. i understand that they are still working as of 2004.

Water injection done right is a poor man’s intercooler. What these scammers are claiming is their system will supposedly take water, use electricity, turn it into ‘HHO’, and then dump a bunch of it into the intake manifold (maybe - it might not even touch the manifold.) I would think there’s a high risk of hydrolock, since the water wouldn’t be metered and closely controlled, which it is when done right. Hence, my rather cryptic and vague opinion on it…

The hydrogen generator thing was tested on Mythbusters a couple years ago. As expected, it didn’t do anything useful.

No, higher octane does not have “more ‘power’ packed into each drop.” That is totally false. Octane rating is solely a measure of knock resistance. The only reason higher octane might give better mileage in some cars is because those cars have higher compression ratios and their computer has to retard the spark and degrade performance when running on regular. If your car does not require or recommend high test, it won’t make any difference.

If adding xylene or any other readily available industrial chemical could improve mileage, even a little, the EPA would be requiring it. It’s all bogus nonsense promoted by snake oil salesmen, and the occasional “true believer” who just won’t accept reality.