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Fuel Additives

I have a 1991 Honda Civic with 107,000 miles. The engine has fuel injectors. Currently the car runs really well and gets about 38 MPG. Is there any kind of fuel additive that I should consider using to clean the fuel injectors, clean the fuel system, improve gas mileage, etc? Do these really work? Thanks.

No, unless you have a problem, don’t use them.

Best way to improve gas milage is careful driving. Also keep up with the scheduled maintenance. Also watch out for maintenance items needed that the users manual may not mention, such as changing transmission fluid, antifreeze, brake fluid.

If the car runs well, you do not need additives; they are already in the fuel.

Fuel injector cleaners really work if you have dirty fuel injectors. Yours are fine. Put nothing in your gas tank except gasoline.

Consider adding a can of SEA FOAM to gas with 8 gallions in tank then drive till tank almost empty. It works great on all of my old cars and only costs about $7. I have treied allot of others over the years and i have only praise for this cleaner.

Make mine a vote to continue with the schdeuled maintenence and not use additives. Gasoline already has detergents from the pump.

Additives in my opinion are for trying to clear up a crud-caused operating problem without major surgery or for sqeezing some extra life out of an old beater. You car doesn;t sound liek it fits these categories.

I agree with what has already been said. You don’t really need them if your car is running well and you have done your fuel injection services religiously. If your car isn’t idling right or hesitating, then I might suggest it. Or, if you haven’t done it, have your fuel system serviced. Otherwise, if it were me, I would leave it be.

If it is not broke don’t fix it.

“fuel injection services”? what is this? My owners manual doesn’t mention any such.