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Gas additives

I bought my wife a new 2010 GMC Sierra recently and wanted to ask about adding additives to the gas to keep the injectors clean. My last vehicle is a '97. I don’t want to damage anything. I have been using fuel injector cleaner about once a month for many years.

Thank you.

Don’t add anything, the gasoline already has good detergents in it. All you could do would be to waste money and maybe cause a problem.

Biggest thing you can do is change the filter. Gas may have detergents…but that doesn’t mean it’s clean…My current Toyota’s fuel filters are in the gas tank with a back flush system…So far no problems…Personally I don’t like this design…All my other vehicles we’ve previously owned had a filter outside the tank you could change…I usually replaced it 2-3 times sooner then recommended…and every time I did the filter was FILTHY…

[i] I have been using fuel injector cleaner about once a month for many years.[/i] 

It likely did no harm. It also likely did not good.

It has been many years since gas additives were needed. I don’t know of any brand name stations that are selling gasoline that needs additional additives. That includes the cheap low octane fuels.

Remember that octane is not an indication of power or quality. Octane is an indication of how fast the fuel will burn. Some performance engines need a SLOWER burning fuel. That means a fuel with higher octane.

What I advise is you find a way to check GM Technical Service Bulletins.GM has put out one dealing with every car they make stating their view on what quality of fuel to use (as in Top Tier or not) and their view point on both fuel sysyem additives and fuel injection cleaning service. It is best you read for youself and not accept my slant on just what is said.

That being said,you don’t have to follow what GM says in its TSB to maintain warranty status.

New cars don’t need additives. A really old car that is having trouble may benefit from the correctly chosen additive, but you don’t need an additive for your 2010 vehicle. As an analogy, when I was younger, I didn’t need to supplement my diet. Now, as an old geezer, I have to take a little Geritol. Your 2010 GMC certainly doesn’t need any gas tank Geritol.

Once a month is overkill.
Techron once a year is what I do.