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Frozen car doors

I have a 96 Honda Accord LX. We had a little snow, with temps down to 16 degrees. The key turns, but the electric locks do not release.

Are You Sure The Key Activates An Electric Lock On That Door?

I would think the linkage is mechanical on that door and maybe your door seal {around the whole door) is just a little frozen. That happens here frequently. Try tugging on the door, but be careful not to break the handle. Waiting for a little thaw might work if it’s possible or a bucket of warm water.

I’m not familiar with Honda locks, so I might be wrong about the electric/mechanical thing.

Try the other door.

While the lock may be electrically actuated, it still controls a mechanical assembly. Check your window gaskets and see if they are leaky. That might allow water to get into the door near the lock assembly and freeze the mechanism.