2013 Honda Accord won’t open

Cannot open car door in anyway I can imagine. There is no response at all from the car to any button on the remote key. Even putting the key mechanically into the key hole and turn does not generate any response. No way any door can be opened now. Any thoughts why this is happening?

Are you using the correct key? Maybe you have the key to a different Honda.

Wrong key?

Wrong car?

Try replacing the battery in the remote key

Alarm system problem maybe. It seems like consulting w/ a dealership and a locksmith you should be able to come up with a solution.

Yes the key is the right one.

Cold weather? Cold be frozen.

The car’s battery could be totally drained. The locks operate using solenoids.

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Even the lock cylinder in the door?

Ditto texases. Key in door turns mechanical lock linkage? Just tried using key on our 15’ civic. All doors unlock and I think the driver door feels like it’s turning some mechanical linkage but I think the door solenoid clicks too. I know the lock cyl is there for when car battery dies and doors are locked. You have to have some mechanical backup for dead elec system