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Frozen bird poop

I know leaving bird poop on your car is a really bad thing to do. But what about when it’s frozen and really hard to get off? I only got occasional bird poop until the past few weeks… The area in which I have to park for work seems to be in a migration zone because in the past few weeks no matter where I park I’m getting more and more bird poop which then freezes by the time I get out of work. I also am not interested in scrubbing my car by hand every day (or really ever, ideally). I’ve taken in through the regular car wash, and tried Goo Gone and they’ve helped a little but not too much. How much would it cost to have a detail center take care of this for me? And does it make sense to have it taken care of now if it may keep happening for a few more weeks? Cost is a primary concern, but labor and time is a pretty close second.

Citric acids, as are in cleaners like Big Orange, will work on bird poop.
However, do you have a “wash it yourself” carwash in your area?

Mountainbike has the right idea.
I’d find a self serve car wash and pretreat the spots before you put any money in the machine.

My truck,s utility cap stands about 20inches above the roof of the cab, so the front gets plastered with insects bad. When I pull into the self service car wash I spray down the front of the cap, the headlights, grill and any other parts that are caked with bugs. I spray it with 409 and while that soaks in I get the mats out and hung up and waste a little time before I start the washing process. If someone is ahead of me…I spray it down while I wait.
The 409 works pretty good.

The problem with leaving it on is that it will eat into the finish and damage it. If you aren’t going to clean it, a good coat of wax will help but will still eat into the finish eventually. It may be just dried and not frozen so what you can do is just take a wet terry towel and lay it over the spot to soften it and then wipe it off.

No problem. Just don’t leave it on! :slight_smile:

Mean while, back at the ranch…
Since it’s frozen, draw some very hot water from the tap ( in a jug or similar ) and wash with that.

… But be careful not to get that hot water on any of the glass.

Yah, on the glass just scape off with a razor blade.