RAn over chickien poop!


Please help! I was driving South on 56 in VA; a divided four lane. As I approached an interection I saw a black liquid, about 1 inch deep, and about the length of two cars. It covered our two lanes with nowhere to go but through! It turned out to be liquidized chicken poop; like what they spray on fields for fertilizer! It is the WORST smell you can imagine. I’ve had the underside of my car pressurewashed (although not on a lift) and have run it through 2 additional car washes, but no use. It STINKS! People stare, children cry, eyes water. I’m nauseated every time I drive because the smell is coming up through the AC system and to roll the windows down is worse! The stuff is on the exhause system and heats up to a real toasty temperature. It’s quite unbelievable! Help! Can I spray Clorox under the car? Does anyone know how to kill this smell???


Find a car wash that is set up for winter use where it washes the underside with a special cycle. Maybe one of your regular car washes has that cycle they might turn on for you. Next I would suggest an auto detailer or one of the firms that specializes in taking care of homes after a fire. They are the pros at this kind of stuff. You insurance company may be of help in finding someone. In fact your insurance company may cover the cost. Ask.


And then find the jerk that put the chicken poop on the road, and send him the bill.