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Dried Bird Poop

What is effective in removing dried bird poop that has been baked by mother nature?

Soap and water

Right, wash it off. It sounds like it may have been there a while, so you may have some permanent staining; bird poop is caustic and can quickly discolor the clearcoat. If the clearcoat hasn’t been completely destroyed in those spots, you can try clay bar after washing thoroughly, followed by polishing with a mid-grade polish (Menzerna Final Polish II or Sonus SFX-2, or similar) and then wax.

Sounds like the commercials a couple years ago…about all these people standing around looking at the trash laying on the ground…then someone comes along and just picks it up.

When was the last time you actually WASHED your car??? Sounds like you don’t wax it either. Leaving dried bird poop on a car with no wax will ETCH the paint…Good Luck.

When I can’t get to some random bird poop immediately and it gets dried on, I simply soften it with wet compresses, prior to washing it off.

Take a wad of paper towels or a sponge. Saturate the towels/sponge with water, and just let it sit on the bird poop for at least 1/2 hour. When you go back with your soapy sponge, the poop will come off much more easily than if you try to attack it in its dry state.

If you’d rather buy something to clean the bird droppings, try Poop-Off

Oh ye of such little faith. New car. Washed regularly. Do not assume the worse; it only pays off in finance.

Will try along with the towel soak suggested above. Will let you’ll know. Thanks.

If it’s washed regularly…the WHY didn’t you just wash the poop off??? This isn’t rocket science.

I tried Poop-Off, available at Petco; even soaked some paper towels and let it do its thing for a hour. Although it took down the residue, it did not completely remove it.

If simple soap and water isn’t removing the poop completely that what’s happening is the poop’s acid has etched the paint. I’ve only seen this happen when there is no wax on the car.

Since the car is new and waxed, you can add one exception to your general rule.

I’ve been washing bird-poop off of cars for over 35+ years…and NEVER have I NOT been able to remove it with simple soap and water…UNLESS there was no wax a it etched the paint…unless I physically see it…I’m having a very difficult time believing that there is no wax.