Damn that tree and birds in it...!


parking under a tree that hates clean cars and has no respect nor do the birds…why is is that birds seem to know when you just wash your car?..

is it bad to leave the tree sap or leaves on the car as well as the gifts from the birds or do you need to wash it off every time your car gets dirty?

will it dammage the paint?


Bird gifts aren’t likely to damage the paint unless they’ve been drinking paint thinner. It washes off easy.

Tree sap, on the other hand, is absolute hell to remove if you let it sit and harden. It usually requires repeated (and very liberal) applications of Goof-Off or some other adhesive remover, and at least once I’ve seen a tree sap booger try to take paint with it.


Leave bird droppings on a car for a week and see what happens to the paint.

Birds don’t have a digestive tract and have a strong acid to clean the stomach.


Bird crap WILL eat into the finish as it is acidic (3-4ph). If you have wax on, it helps, but it can eat into the clear coat and you’ll have to buff it to bring it back. Spray it with soapy water let it sit for a minute and it’ll slide right off. For tree sap, use mineral spirits if soapy water doesn’t work. Sap won’t harm the finish if you remove it right.


Bird droppings and sap can do serious damage to your paint if left on. I also park under a tree at home. The best advice I can give you is to keep your paint well protected with wax or a sythetic sealer and then get the stuff off as soon as you notice it. I keep a bottle of Meguair’s Quick Detailer and a soft towel in the trunk of my car to remove the offending stuff between washings.


thanx for the imput everyone i feel i may have to get a car cover also for it only takes 4 min to put that on . alot less time then washing the bird crap off every day…


Okay well, having never left bird kimchee on long enough to see what happens, I wouldn’t know the effects on paint. They always seem to aim for my windows anyways…


Make sure you get a GOOD car cover. Some cheapies will cause similiar damage to your vehicles finish as your feathered friends.


I bought a very nice one made to fit my car and wish I’d saved my money. IMO, a car cover should only be used in a garage to keep a car dust free. Frequently putting it on and taking it off will scratch your pant especially as the cover gathers dirt and twigs. Additionally, a cover is a mess to deal with in inclement weather. What are you going to do with a rain soaked cover? And if you think bird crap is messy on your car paint, think about how fun it will be to have it all over your car cover and thus you, everytime you put it on or take it off.


Plus, you’re not supposed to put the cover on while the car is hot. That means waiting until it cools off before going back out to put the cover on. PITA.


Very true Cadude. Covers are best kept under-roof, just for dust-proofing. Although scratching the paint shouldn’t be a problem since the inside stays clean. I had 1 on my car for years outdoors and never scratched anything.


your right in inclement weather i am forced to deal… but i have used the car cover so far – on and off on and off and your right it becomes a hassle i have had it filled with tree sap and bird crap but have gotten it to a science = rolling it off from the front and putting it in the trunk and the opposite getting home from work.
and when it started raining…welll…forget it…didn’t do that just left the car under the tree and let the rain wash off the crud…
oh hummm…


If it’s feasible prune the tree limbs back from over the vehicle.


Yes bird dropping can eat into the paint. Keep a good coat of wax on the car (good wax) and use a good car wash solution is the best defense.


Totally crazy suggestion.
How about luring the birds away from your car with a feeding station?
A couple of gallon milk jugs with the sides cut out, filled with cheap bird seed in a tree away from your car & everyone will be happy! Just remember to keep the feeders full.
If you have kids, let them paint the milk jugs & “allow” them to fill them ;).


Get a BB gun and have at it…the best solution is a carport. Get a good one put up by a handy man…I’m available.


All are great suggestions, unfortunately i live in an appartment with outside parking and to trim the tree limbs would mean chop the whole thing down ( which i and the rest of the building wants) but the landlord likes it up ( of coarce she don’t have to park under it nor live here)the trunk is like 3 feet away from the parking spot i got lucky with…
as for the birds they not too bad just after i wash the car…
I have thought of a bb gun but the PD is always dirving thru as there is a maintenece shop back there for thier fleet.
i even thought about paying them extra to shoot the damn things but then i would have pita pooping on my car too…so i guess until i move, it looks like we will have to deal… and clean off their gifts…


I wonder if you tied something shiny in the tree such as pie plates, old CDs or strips of aluminum foil, if the birds would be discouraged from using that tree. Then, again, it might attract more birds.


Only if they like music.


or i should find a cat that loves climbing trees