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Front wheels won't turn right

My son wrecked his 01 Honda, front drivers side front. After replacing his wheel and headlight, his front wheels will turn left but won’t turn right all the way.

You have some other damage besides a tire. Like possibly steering linkage, tie-rods, ball joints. You need to take this to qualified mechanic. There could also be frame damage.

Mike is correct. There are so many things that could be damaged that a reasonable answer with out actually seeing the vehicle is impossible.

Has the car been put on a lift or at least jack-stands while someone turns the steering wheel left and right while somebody else watches what’s going on with the steering and suspension gadgets from under the car? It might be obvious what the problem is then.

I strongly recommend having this car TOWED to a reputable shop to be evaluated and repaired. Your son clearly still has damage, and it could be very dangerous. If he damaged a ball joint or tie rod end, it could easily fail suddenly and when it does the entire wheel could fold up into the wheel well and someone could get easily killed.

Please, I urge you, do not let him drive the car until it’s fixed. The risk is way, way, way too high.

There are a few bad things that can happen. Bent tie rod is one of them and a pair of them is even worse. The rack may have moved. The other things are mentioned are definite possibilities.

Thanks to everyone who responded. I’ll be checking all those things. If those are ok, then I’ll take it to a shop.

I would strongly suggest that the car be towed to a front end specialist. If the rack is cracked or chipped you won’t be able to see the problem and it could result in the wheel locking in position while driving.