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2019 Honda Accord Sdn - Steering issue

The car is hard to steer. It steers from left to right.

Every car I’ve ever driven steers left to right, they even steer right to left.

Or do you mean it wanders back and forth while trying to go in a straight line ?


This car should still be under warranty, have the dealership fix it.

The first step is having the alignment checked and the front end inspected for anything wrong. I’d have this done at the dealer, although if the issue is just the alignment then they probably won’t cover this under warranty. How long have you had the car and how many miles are on it?

If you mean the car pulls to the right, it might be a tire issue. Have the tires checked for damage or a shifted belt. When one of my cars has a pull and I’m satisfied the car is aligned and the tires are good, I switch the front tires side to side, more often than not this fixes the problem.

Ed B.