Front end wobble, can't pin it down!

Hello! Sorry the select Vehicle make and model isn’t working while creating this post but my dad has a 2005 Honda Accord Automatic V6 Sedan with 217k miles on it. I’ve tried making a post on the honda-tech fourms but I can’t post for 5 days after making an account there! So the issue is a subtle front end wobble at lower speeds that turns into more of a vibration at highway speeds. It can’t be felt in the peddles but in the steering wheel and seat. My first thought was the tires or wheels, we rotated them but that didn’t fix the issue. The breaks where pretty worn so I went ahead and replaced them but that didn’t fix anything either. I’m really hoping it’s not anything terribly expensive and my dad has a good shop for D-I-Y repairs. Can anyone give some advice on where to look next? Thank you for taking the time to read this! I’ll keep an eye on the thread to answer any questions you might have that would help. Thanks!

How long has your father owned this vehicle?
Via cyberspace, I will venture that the previous owner(s) of the car could have damaged the front end, or that its high odometer mileage simply represents the probability that the ball joints and/or tie rod ends are worn out, and all of that equates to a potentially serious safety issue.

If I was in your situation, I would take the car to the best independent front-end shop in the area.
Do NOT go to chain-run operations like Midas, Meineke, Monro, Sears, Pep Boys, Firestone, or–God forbid–AAMCO.


Thanks alot for the reply! He’s had it for around 10 years, bought it at 40k miles. I’m pretty confident it’s never been in a accident outside of a couple very minor fender benders that just did superficial damage. I’m really trying to track it down myself as he’s on fixed income and money is very tight for me as-well. It doesn’t make a pop when turning (even a bit aggressively).With the car jacked up I got no weird movements or noises when I checked the wheel for play and nothing out of place when I pryed on the tie rod a bit. I’m thinking it might be the rack or god forbid transmission. As of right now the car stays on the road fine but I know whatever it is will just get worse with time. If I can track down what it is I’m pretty confident i can do the repair/replacment myself but I’d like to make a very educated guess before I start throwing parts and elbow grease in it to get it in top shape. Also he’s driving a different vehicle right now so it’s off the road untill I can get this worked out, He’s safe!

I had something similar in my truck. it was pretty old and worn out, so I went with the full replacement of parts to bring life back into it.

When I took everything apart, my front shocks were beyond gone. like not even sure how they were still attached gone. and the ball joints were worn out. not terribly, but enough to get some movement out of them.

once I replaced the parts (tie rods &ends, ball joints, upper and lower control arms, sway bar linkage and shocks) it was like a whole new truck from the waist up. and that wobble went away.

so you could check those various parts. I did my whole front end for ~$400-500 from rockauto. but if you checked pieces, would be significantly less. one other thing to check would be the bearings.