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Front struts & mounts replacement

Is $1,600 a fair price to replace the front struts, mounts and lower control arms on an 02 Honda Civic?

If this is a dealer price quote, you can get local estimates from independent shops in your area to compare. Not sure if you are talking about strut mounts, or “motor mounts”? Why are the strut mounts bad and need replacement would be my question?

I agree with UncleTurbo. You can probably get a lot better quote from an independent mechanic. Are your strut mounts bad because of an accident? A little more info about the Civic will really help.

My guess on the struts is that the reference is to the upper mount/bearing plate - which should be replaced with new struts.

I’d rather ask what happened to the control arms?

I’d get a 2nd opinion on all of it.

Some shops insist on replacing the strut mounts every time they replace the struts, whether they need it or not. They don’t want to risk failure somewhere down the road. Note that the cost of strut replacement also requires paying for front wheel alignment.

Control arms too? Were you in an accident? Take your car to an independent shop.

Ballpark around here is $80 per strut on labor. So $160 for the front, plus $70-80 for the alignment. The parts you can price online on rockauto or amazon and see how much they cost. It also depends on what brand you are getting. Sensen vs KYB vs Monroe vs other. See how your quote stacks up.