Front Mount Struts



I have a pontiac sunfire 2003 with 66000 miles and my front mount struts have to be replaced. a couple of repair shops gave me a price range of 650-850.

does it cost that much?


That sounds a bit high. Why do they need to be replaced? Have you used the mechanic finder on this web site to find a mechanic in your area?

p.s.: They’re ‘front struts’, no ‘mount’ needed.


Do you mean front strut mounts? This would be very high unless you are going to end up with new everything - mounts, struts, springs. Then it is probably closer to the right price range though maybe toward the high side. Clarify what people are pricing and it would be easier for people to say.


well no i have not used mechanic finder yet. i will now. thanks for the replies/


Hard to believe the front strut mounts would need to be replaced on a car with only 66,000 miles. Definitely get a second opinion.


I second the second opinion.


thanks for all the replies.
so does anybody recommend what service center i go to get it fixed?



By the sounds of your question it seems like your asking about which corporate chain to take it to. You want a good, local shop rather than a big name chain. The best kind of shop will be one that specializes in something like suspension work - alignment & tire specialty shops are often good.

But find out what exactly someone proposes to replace and why. Are you experiencing some kind of symptoms? If so, what are they?


I don’t know… my Camry is one of the 97-01 generation that was infamous for blowing through strut mounts at ridiculous rates. I’m lucky if I can get 20,000 miles out of a pair of mounts.


it does not matter what shop it is as long as they are reliable and fix my car cheap (lol)
my car makes noise and i had it checked at motor cars and they said i need to get the front mount struts replaced and are asking a lot of money.
just want to know where i can get a better service and cheaper


Some questions to ask as they prepare the estimate?

Exactly which parts are to be replaced?
What services are included in the labor? This work requires an alignment as part of the deal.
Any parts lifetime warranted?

Asking these questions and posting back info here can help folks determine if the prices quoted are fair. It wouldn’t hurt to get three estimates to evaluate if you have the time to get them.