2007 Honda CRV 2 Wheel Drive - Rear Struts

I was told I needed to replace the rear struts on my car since they had started leaking. How much does something like that run? I want to make sure the price I got is in line with what others have paid.

Have you actually seen the leaks on the struts yourself?
How many miles on the car?
What kind of facility said you need struts? (dealer, independent, chain, etc)
Any kind of bouncing or swaying ride?

It’s difficult to give a price as that can vary all over the map based on the parts source, shop hourly rates, locale, whether they’re quoting a Quick Strut assembly or the strut sans a new spring, etc. The latter type of strut is more labor intensive than the former.

It could be 500 dollars or it could be a 1000, or somewhere in between.

The bulk of the cost is labor, and that includes alignment, and that varies greatly based on local rates. But there’s nothing to stop you from calling around and price-shopping. I’d recommend avoiding dealerships and chain shops though.

I’m not sure, but I think in my area rear struts fully installed with a 4-wheel alignment run perhaps $400.

Great! Thank you. I’m taking it to a shop that fixes Hondas and Acuras (not a dealer) I was quoted around $500 which seems like its the standard. The shop was used by one of my co-workers when she lived in my town and she was quite happy with them. Thanks again!

Yup, that’s a fair price.
Sincere best. It sounds like you’ve done your homework and found a decent shop.