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Cost of replacing front struts and control arms

I was quoted a price for 1000$ to replace front struts and control arms on my honda civic 2006. Is this price correct?

I see a parts cost in of $ 362.00 which leaves the rest as labor.
How many hours labor is quoted ?
What is the flat rate ?
Did you check dealer or indy shop ?
Their parts source may have a different parts prices.

But these days a $90 hr shop and 400 parts, sounds about right.

They may be replacing more than you need. Why are they replaceing the control arms? Have you noticed an issue? Some folk may try this control arm replacement because it gets a lot more labor hours than just struts and should require an alignment to boot. Try a better shop. Sounds like a soaking.

That price sounds about right to me. @euryale1 is right about the control arms, they are not a usual replacement item. But they can be damaged, especially if you have a lot of pot holes or poorly constructed roads in your area where you are bottom-ing out the suspension quite often. For the work mentioned though, I think $1000 is reasonable.

I agree that roads are an issue but I replace control arms only when needed and usually after about 100k miles. I got 135k out of my taurus control arms on my lousy roads. But each car has its weak points. But they are a frequent money item for some shops.

I don’t know Hondas, but I do know that a lot of cars have ball joints that are an integral part of their lower control arms. Perhaps it needs ball joints and this is the only way to fix it.


Sounds about right to me although prices can vary based on different factors.

It might help if we knew how many miles are on the car, the type of terrain and environmental conditions, and what the symptoms are.