Front hub bearings on 2001 Park Ave

While costs can vary from one geographical location to another, I am trying to find out if it seems like $1,100 to replace both front hub bearings on my Buick is in a resonable range.

Here’s a webtool that will give you repair costs for your area:

$1100 should rebuild the entire front-end…While rebuilding the front hubs in front wheel drive cars can get expensive, $1100 for this repair sounds ridiculous to me…

thanks… will check this out

According to, the estimated range is $600-$1000. Most of it is the cost of the parts ($474-$850 for two front bearing assys). Labor estimate is only $136-$174 for my zip code (suburban NY).

You should be able to verify for yourself by checking the cost of parts online.

NAPA lists the bearing assys at $174 each. 2 x 174 = $348 + tax. Add $174 for labor, and you’re in the $500-$600 range.

Don’t know why repairpal thinks the bearing assys are so expensive. I guess they’re adding the shop’s markup.

Autozone will sell you a Timken bearing/hub for $145 or a Duralast (house brand) for $89 each. Both have a 1 year guarantee…

Most repair shops will mark their parts up 30-40%.

This job, both sides, $450.00 tops…

I paid about $800 ($350/reman hub and $100 labor) to replace the front hubs on my 2000 Blazer in 2005. The bearings are not servicable and the ABS sensor is part of the hub driving the price up. My trusted mechanic did the work. I think the Dealer price for new hubs was ~$500 each.

My mechanic’s markup on parts is roughly 50% to 100% compared to what I could get the parts for. Personally, I don’t have a problem with that as I’ve been using him for 17 years.

Ed B.

Is the $1100 estimate from the dealer? An independent could do the job for less.

If you trust Duralast parts. I’ve had issues in the past. Notably, I cannot stand Duralast brake pads. They’ve always caused a brake studder when having to hit them hard.

I ran into this problem with my 2001 Silverado. The front bearing and hub may include the ABS sensor. The dealer price for the part for my truck was over $400.00 each. The labor is about an hour each - maybe more if they are badly rusted into place. I ended up getting the part from Rock Auto after first checking that an independent repair shop I use would install them if I brought them in (some shops insist that they sell you the part so they can mark it up).

If possible, stick with Timken bearings - the ones I purchased were made in the good old USA in Kentucky and are of very good quality. Rock auto lists various manufacturers for your bearings in a range of $56.79 to $130.99. The Timkens that include the ABS sensor are listed for about $88.00, plus shipping. Your quote sounds like it fromn the dealer.