Cost of wheel hub and bearing repair

I have a 2003 Toyota Celica and I’ve been told by the toyota dealership that I need to replace the right wheel hub and bearing which would cost $475. I know that dealerships are typically higher in price than independent garages but what should I be looking for for a reasonable price for this repair.

You likely can do it for 15%-50% less. It really depends on many things locally and where you are. Call around.

Front or rear wheel. FWD or RWD…

front wheel FWD. I called an independent and got a quote of $225 which is a WHOLE lot better than $475, but I’m still checking around. Thanks for any advice.

The dealer is higher in price for 2 legitimate reasons.
Regarding labor, the dealer has far more expenses to cover than an independent shop does. so labor rates are generally a bit higher.

Regarding parts, the dealer parts dept. will be providing a new Toyota part that is pricier simply because the price the dealer pays Toyota for that part is likely far higher than the retail cost of a part from someplace like AutoZone.