2017 Subaru Forester - Price guess request

Need both rear wheel bearing hub assy. How much $ will parts & labor cost?

You don’t say where you are at you need to check with independent shops in your area for pricing as labor will vary from one part of the country to next.

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Or one country from the next.

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Pricing can vary even in the same town . Why do people think they can get a real answer to a question like this ? Also both rear wheel bearing assm. on a 2017 vehicle ?

The shop that performed the diagnosis should have provided an estimate.

I vote each side will be $411. LMK how close I was.


I’d guess about $200 for the part and one hour labor. So $300-$400 range.

Dependent where you live and type of shop, $300-$500/wheel bearing.

Enter your info here, and it’ll give you some idea of the cost.


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