Dashboard Rattle

I purchased a 2006 Mercury Milan with low mileage this summer and have liked it a lot. But this past month, it developed a rattle in the right side of the dashboard, particularly when going over bumps. I emptied the cubby hole and the rattle is still there. The noise sounds like it is coming from above the cubby hole. What’s in the right dashboard that could cause a rattle ?? Best approach for mechanics so they don’t charge an arm/leg to fix it?Thanks.

What appeared to be a dash rattle in my 2000 Blazer turned out to be the hood hinge bolts. Check the hood hinges for play.

Ed B.

Best approach to keep from being charged by a mechanic is doing the job yourself. Are you asking for a plan that you can instruct the mechanic to follow? this is a bad idea. The actual mechanic must come up with his own diagnostic plan.

Most mechanics would be very happy never to be dispatched a “squeak and rattle” job,we don’t like them either,they can be very time consuming.

You are going to have to find a mechanic whose skills you trust. As for telling you what it is or where to start looking I would have to hear it.