Front End Noise. Control Arm Bushings? Lower Ball Joint?

I have a 2005 Chrysler Town & Country 110k miles that makes large thunks every time the van hits a bump or whenever the weight shifts such as turning a sharp corner. I have replaced the sway bar links which seemed to take the noise away for about a week but then it reappeared. I then replaced the sway bar bushings with no luck. The noise sounds like it is coming from inside the engine compartment on both sides of the vehicle.

Could the control arm bushing or the lower ball joint be bad? How would I check either one of these? From reading, it seems that the control arm bushings would not be that difficult to replace. Correct? But the ball joint requires a press.

Thanks for any help…

I had a loose steering rack do the same thing but you could feel it in the wheel. Do a dry park and jounce test to see if you can duplicate. Good luck

The lower ball joints are prone to failure on these vehicles which can cause this noise.

To check for worn lower ball joints, place a floor jack under the lower control arm of the ball joint to be checked, and jack the tire off the floor 5"-6". Place the end of a 4’-5’ long 2X4 under the raised tire and pry up and release the tire while someone watches the ball joint with a flashlight. If the ball joint is seen moving up and down in it’s socket while doing this, the ball joint requires replacement.