Suspension noise

Hi, i have this squeaky sound that comes from my front wheels randomly when driving and a crunching sound when i go over any speed bumps that makes me cringe every time. i took it to the dealership and they replaced my control arms on it but i still continue to hear the same sounds from it and i’m wondering if anyone can help pin pointing what it is exactly?

make, model, year, miles?

Try lubricating your chassis bushings and sway bar bushings and any other rubber bushing you can find. Tom & Ray recommended Wurth HHS-2000 / HHS-K Penetrating High Temperature Lubricant for lubing chassis bushings. I found it on Amazon.

Make, model, year, miles? Gravel in the spring seats, maybe?

2013 mustang v6 30,000 miles.

ill try the lubricating thanks ;D

Ball joints