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The Thump is making her nuts

Our 2001 Chrysler Town and Country van (110K miles) makes a Thump from the front end. The Thump seems symetric or maybe really is actually coming from the middle? It is most noticable going over any bump between 10 and 30MPH.

I Wish I could try to make the sound for you guys because I know you are into that but in this case, Thump is almost a perfect onomatopoeia for it.

The relationship part comes from the fact I feeling uncertain in the current economy but still wanting her ride to be as comfortable as possible, just spent 800 bucks to replace the front struts and rear shocks. This investment, which my wife thinks should have went toward a new car, has had absolutely zero effect on the Thumps. (It has had a negative impact on our relationship!)

My wife took it back to the mechanic, because I was too angery to talk to him and he said, “Probably a loose bolt, bring it back on Tuesday and I will have another look”. That sounded a lot like a standard “female” answer but I am apparently just as pathetic for listening to his diagnosis in the first place!

What’s wrong up there? (thanks, I love your show!)

Vince from Raleigh

It could well be a loose bolt, but because of the type of vehicle and the age, I am suspecting a broken motor mount.

The only thing in the suspension that can make that kind of noise from the front/center of the vehicle is a worn stabilizer bar bushing. Make sure those are checked out.


No “thump” before the strut/shock work? This could be a clue, or was the shock/strut work done in a attempt to eliminate the “thump”?

Did the car pass the “bounce test” when comming to the conclusion that new shocks were needed? I personally don’t like to rely on the bounce test alone.

I go for a sway bar inspection also

Thanks, the Thump was there before and was unchanged after the strut/shock work. The work was done in an attempt to eliminate the Thump. The car passed the bounce test prior to the work.