1-2 Knocks when going over bumps, creaking ft control arm bushings after replacement

Unable to select make/model so its a 2005 Subaru WRX (not sti)
This all started when I was hearing a knocking noise when hitting small bumps and whatnot, it was more relevant to differences in road smoothness than RPMs so I started thinking it was suspension related. I replaced both front control arms and was unable to replace the ball joints because the head of the pinch bolts on them snapped off. I plan on drilling out these bolts and just using a bolt/nut combo instead of re-taping out the holes or trying to extract the bolts, too much rust…

Anyways I had never replaced control arms before so I just torqued them with the suspension in the air, and I heard the noise from the front right side, a creaking bushing type noise which is the same side I head the knocking on. After reading up on noises like this I took it back, drove it up on a drive on lift, lifted the front wheels off the lift, pulled out the long bolts that goes from fwd to aft put lubricant all over the bushings and moved them around a bit then put the bolts back through. I then lowered the car on its wheels and torqued those long bolts to 70ft/lbs. After all of that I’m still hearing the creaking noise when hitting bumps as well as the knocking. Any suggestions on what to try next? I have access to a full auto shop with frame and drive on lifts at the military base I’m stationed at so that’s helpful at least.

Check if the sway bar bushings are worn.


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Threw it up on a lift today and checked out the bushings, they don’t look nearly as bad as the pic nor are they cracked but they have slight play. I ordered replacements for front and back anyways