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Front end clunk- 2008 Mazda MazdaSpeed3

front end clunking sound going over bumps. Front struts replaced. Front and rear end links replaced. Rear shocks replaced. Both front wheel bearings replaced.

But did you also replace the strut mounts . . . ?!

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and sway bar bushings?

sounds like a ball joint is on it’s way out.


Ask your shop to put it on a lift and check the entire front suspension system. They’ll pry and press on various things, looking for any play that shouldn’t be there. The front wheel ass’ys are attached to the rest of the car via the strut, the control arm(s), steering parts, and usually some other stuff. All of it is required to move or rotate when the wheel goes over a bump, so something must be moving too much. On a 2008 I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that one of the bushings has developed some cracks.

While the car is up on a lift it wouldn’t hurt to check the mountings for the exhaust system, too. Loose mounts can allow some dramatic clunking that is sometimes hard to locate. If you feel the clunking through your feet or the seat it could be from the exhaust.