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Mazda 3 with wheel vibration and shake over bumps

i have a 2008 mazda 3 sedan with 237k miles and its is a 5 speed. on the highway aroun 60-65 i have a steering wheel shake and when i go over bumps in 2nd gear its shake pretty good. now i suspect that it could be the sway bar end link or sway bar link because at the joints of them i can turn it side to side. please help me know if this is the problem

At over 200,000 miles, anything could be a problem. Check the bushings first. They probably all need to be replaced.

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Ball joints, tie rod ends, etc. could be bad. There are shops that specialize in suspension and alignment. Have it examined by one or two shops and go from there.


Likely, no, that isn’t the problem. Check the things @jtsanders and @shanonia suggested. I’d also add to have the front wheels checked for balance, straightness, and any tire issues.

Check the lug nuts right away if you haven’t done that already.


Engine mount failures on the Mazda 3 can cause vibration at highway speeds. There is a service bulletin for this problem.