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Front Disc Brake Rails

Front brake pad rails are pitted on 280K Jeep. Can I weld hard face to repair, or is there a better repair option without replacement?

I guess you could try, but it’d be a real bear if you found out at 60 mph that it was a bad idea.

I think I’d get a set from a junkyard if it was mine.

Joe, Were The Pads Hung Up ? Did They Stop Sliding ? Were The Calipers Still Floating ?

Did you wear through an inside pad while the outside pad was still quite good ?

I live in Salt & Rust Country, U.S.A.
I file / sand my non-GM cars’ slides as smooth as I can and then grease them up with waterproof brake grease when I do a brake job.

My GM cars save me time when I’m doing brakes and I really like those factory stainless steel slide covers. The brake pads love them, too. They slide really well on them.



Go GM!   My daughter works at Pick-up plant in Ft. Wayne.  I use Wagner pads, but they don't come with stainless rail inserts.  I wonder if I can get rail covers to fit the Jeep.  That might fix me up.  I use rail grease, but the miles have added up, and the inside pad has notched about 2mm on each side.  Thanks.