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Front wheel smoking and very hot

My right front wheel area was smoking a lot and the rim was extremely hot after driving a little bit today. I got brake work done a few months ago, but haven’t had this problem until now.

The brake calipers are sticking. Don’t drive it until you get it fixed.

Ditto to what Beads said. Consider this vehicle unsafe until you get the caliper replaced.

Don’t drive the vehicle. The brake is overheating and you could lose braking completely. It’s impossible to determine the exact reason from here.

Have the vehicle towed or carried on a flatbed to a mechanic.

Thanks to everyone. I find it suspicious that this is happening not long after I had major brake work done, do you guys think this is something that could have been caused by the mechanic or that it could have been prevented or caught when he was doing the other work?

How many miles are on that Jeep?

Its more than likely just routine part failure.

About 65,000.

It’s unlikely that the brake work done a few months ago caused this. Brake calipers sometimes get stuck; it’s nobody’s fault, just simple part failure. It happens.

I had a smoking and bad-brake-smelling L front wheel this summer coming down steep mountain slopes. I thought the car might light on fire. I went to brake and the brakes mostly failed. When a shop heard the story and pulled the wheel off, he pointed to a piece of metal dragging on the neck of the rotor and said the pads had been put in wrong. They pried the piece away from the rotor and the brakes work ok now. Have not replaced brake fluid - don’t know if I need to.