Freezing garage door

I was thinking of removing it and s quaring it up while it lay on the ground, but the problem is I’d have a tough time getting it back on the hinge & spring hardware. It’s really, really heavy. A spring broke last summer and it was a huge chore even to get the door into it’s “up” position to replace the spring. A neighbor happened by and offered to help otherwise I’d still be working that one …

Garage door springs can be very dangerous!! Stupid question maybe, but adjusting the wire ropes like adjusting a window blind might be an option, It might require a little tweaking on the rails to allow for the shift, but I am just a hillbilly looking for the easiest cheapest quickest answer for a door that does not fit flush to the floor. Just to stop patting myself on the back I take it the rubber molding is out of consideration.

Not a whole lot of information but you can Google tilt up garage doors and have a little fun but I really only saw one little picture of the inside framing and bracing. The diagonal bracing on this one is the boards themselves. Yeah if it’s too heavy, then you have to try to jack it back square somehow first.

@George_San_Jose1 Just a few more thoughts. If the door is bowed down in the center, could you take a fence puller or similar anchored at top and bottom to pull it back straight, and then a new brace?

George , you don’t have any vehicle payments so you should be able to have a nice overhead garage door with remote opener . Or is that too modern for you?

@George_San_Jose1 Edit - George , if you do not have the safety cables on the tilt door springs at least do that . If one of those break it becomes a lethal projectile .

That’s a good idea. I’ll attempt to fence-pull-it back to straight without having to remove it from the hardware that holds it up. I can test it with the fence puller still installed, and if it is shaped correctly then I’ll nail in some new bracing. Seems a quick way to get some results. Thanks,