Occasional freezing of car doors

Last winter I had to park my car out in the elements & a few times the doors froze closed. It was (mostly)after we had had rain & then the temperature dropped during the night. Is there something I can do to prevent that from happening this winter?

Get some silicone spray and spray it on a rag and wipe this on the door seals.


Move to Arizona…

Just beat on the door around the edges with your fist, it’ll free right up.

Of the three previous suggestions - I’d really recommend the silicone.

Me too. And put the silicone on the neoprene BEFORE it freezes up…like during winter prep.

Arizona is too far from the ocean for me. Now if he had said Florida THAT would have been my favorite suggestion!

In addition to wiping silicon on the weather stripping you need to wax the door opening frame where the weatherstrip contacts it.

I don’t have the worst conditions in the Southern half of Maine, so I do very little. I used to live up North. Somebody claimed that WD-40 and car wax was good. I still use spray wax by Turtle wax. Spray it on a car rag and wipe on. Then there is the stuff used at car dealers when you get the scheduled maintenance done.

I’ve never done this waxing trick, but I like the idea. A well waxed surface does inhibit ice from sticking to a surface. It makes a huge difference in cleaning off the car, it shoudl also make a huge difference in keeping the neoprene seperate from the jams.