Free wiring diagrams


I need the wiring diagram for a 1998 Neon. I don’t need the whole repair manual, only the wiring diagram. Have any idea where I can get it free or just buy the diagram?


Advanced Auto web sight may have it, but haven’t checked. So whats the problem?


car does not have any spark. Already tried replacing the cam and crank position sensors. No “check engine” light on, and no codes


Might be something here.

Replacing parts could get kind of expensive so I would advise going over all of the fuses and fusible links first, especially fuses No. 10 and 21.


possible bad ASD (auto shut down relay) try swapping it with a non critical relay. Give me a few minutes I may be able to tell you which one


cant tell you for sure which could be swapped. Check part numbers on relays, if #s are the same you should be able to swap them.


Hey, thanks a lot. I will try all the Diagnosis and Testing tomorrow. I’ll let you know


Sorry, guys, but neither of the tricks worked. Replaced the ASD relay and checked crank and cam position sensors and everything seemos ok. I have no current in the connection to the coil pack. That’s where my problem is. Any other suggestions?


Do you have spark at any cylinder?
Has the timing belt broken?
~Michael (dartman69)


No. No spark at all, is the connection to the coil the one that is dead. Already checke timing belt and everything is fine.


Maybee these will help.


You should have 12 volts to the center terminal of the coil for 2 seconds at key on. Then it will go away when the ASD relay trips. It should come back as you crank. The outer two wires are the trigger wires from the ECM they should flash a ground while cranking. Hope it helps.


You can get engine (“chassis wiring”) wiring diagrams at Start with Manage My Vehicle; click REMOVE button; click Add a Vehicle. Select year, make, model, engine. Click on Repair Info. Select Chassis Wiring. Scroll down to Wiring Diagrams. Scroll to Fig. for 1998. Enlarge image by clicking on little square in image upper right hand corner. If you want to download and print the image, go to the upper left hand corner of the image. The printer symbol will appear. Click on it. +++ The Haynes, or Chilton’s repair manual (NOT the big book) has wiring diagrams AND troubleshooting instructions in it.


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