2000 astro van 4.3 2WD

My check engin light came on, Auto Zone said I had intermitant spark coming from the coil. Before I could look at it The Van died on the road. I replaced the coil and it still will not start. I am not sure what to do next. I tried to confurm I Had spark but the tool I bought ony works for lawn mowers. What shold I do next?

You are asking for instructions on how to diagnois what is known as a “crank no start”. This diagnosis should be done in an orderly manner (like following a flow chart). I suggest you get a manual that has a flow chart for diagnosing a crank no start and do not skip any sections.

I always like to start my diagnostic work out with a good visual inspection, do you know how to remove the engine cover? does the rotor rotate when the engine is cranked? (and be sure you are not out of gas, but don’t fill it just add 5 gallons).If you fill it and this turns out to be fuel related the tank is much harder to deal with when full.

so when The Zone scanned for codes, did they give you the codes numbers or just the definition? If we knew the actual code number instead of the definition, it makes it easier to help. Replacing a part because the zone guy tells you to is generally not a good idea. They can sell parts, but not so much in diagnosing a problem. With an intermittent/ no spark there can be a load of problems. First thing I would do is make sure your maintenance items are uto date, at least anything related to ignition. Plugs, wires, cap, rotor. after that if you still don’t think you have spark, remove the coil wire from dist cap and lay it close to a ground, crank it over and see if you have spark.

There is no way at all that an error code tells you that have intermittent spark from a coil. So first find out what the actual code was (format: P1234) and post that.

You can buy a spark tester that will work for a car or you can pull a spark plug or use/buy a spare plug.

You can also spray some starting fluid into the intake. If that gets it to fire, even briefly, then you know to start looking at fuel rather than spark.